Monday, January 19, 2009

Battle of the Bands Finals Results & Updates

Hey OCCIDIS friends, family and fans!

Thanks to all of those amazing people out there that have shown their support for us, OCCIDIS once again had incredible ticket sales and was able to headline at tonights Gorilla Productions Battle of the Bands Finals.

Thanks to everyone that came to see us and screamed as loud as they could, OCCIDIS WON!!!! We couldn't have done it without all of you and we appreciate everyone that helped us out by buying tickets, spreading the word about us, coming to see us, talking to us, etc. We really are only winners because you made us be. Thank you all!

It was a great show tonight and we were fortunate to play with a lot of talented musicians. It was great to see what amazing talent there is in Salt Lake and to get to socialize with other musician. Every band that performed tonight did an incredible job! We look forward to seeing more from all of the bands and maybe working with some of them in the future.
OCCIDIS would also like to thank Gorilla Productions, especially John and David for setting up the show and working with us. They have been great to work with. And thanks to the Avalon for providing the venue and putting up with us. We appreciate it.

Since we competed in the Battle of the Bands, Gorilla Music is entering our band in an online voting competition for one of two prizes: 1st being a $25,000 contract and 2nd being a 25 city North American tour. Both of those are incredible opportunities. Check out and vote for us (I believe you can vote daily) if you enjoyed tonights show and want to see us moving forward with our dream.

On a final update: MySpace has finally fixed our original account (as of earlier this morning) so we once again have access to our account and can be reached there. Or you may also reach us at or email us at

Thank you again for all of your support! We really do appreciate all of you!

Monday, January 12, 2009

New MySpace

After 5 months of trying to fix our MySpace account so we can log onto it and not getting anywhere, we've decided it would be easier to just make a new account. So check out our new MySpace at

Don't forget that OCCIDIS is playing live at the Avalon this Sunday. For more details or for tickets email us at