Monday, July 21, 2008

OCCIDIS Rocked Gorilla Productions Battle of the Bands!!!

Hey OCCIDIS fans!!!

If you were at last nights show you already know that OCCIDIS put on a great show and took it all.

Thanks to fans incredible support, OCCIDIS had the best ticket sales and got to headline the show. Even more impressive than the ticket sales was the crowd that came out. OCCIDIS had the largest turnout with the most active fans. Thanks to their support OCCIDIS won last nights Battle of the Bands and will be moving on to the finals where they will compete for studio time (more details on the show to come).

Thank you to everyone that turned out!!!

If anyone has pictures/video from the show we would love to see/post them. Please email them to

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


OCCIDIS has some true, hardcore fans. There are people out there that have OCCIDIS or the OCCIDIS -I- tattoo'd on their bodies. These fans rock! I just want to show off some of the artwork.

If you have an OCCIDIS tattoo email a picture of it to and I'll post it up here too. Also, if you are on MySpace post your picture on MySpace and tag it to our "tagged photos" album. We want to see and recognize those of you out there that have always been there and are dedicated fans.

Show Some Support!

Hey OCCIDIS fans! As you should all know by now OCCIDIS will be competing in Gorilla Productions Battle of the Bands this Sunday, July 20th at the Avalon.

The line up is based on ticket sales and OCCIDIS was given 100 to sell but hasn't made it there yet and there are only a few more days left before the show. They need some support from their fans.

To make the deal sweeter (sweeter than seeing this kick ass band back together on stage) Anyone that purchases 5 or more tickets will receive a free OCCIDIS shirt and a half dozen OCCIDIS stickers. Anyone that buys less than 5 tickets will get free stickers equal to how many tickets they sold (i.e. you sell 2 tickets you get 2 stickers).

To buy tickets call or text Candice 801-649-9486 or email


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

OCCIDIS Merchandise

OCCIDIS Merchandise is now available and is quite affordable.

Womens Tanks are available in sizes S-XL (sizes do run small on the tanks so it's recommended to get a size larger than your regular). Tanks are $15.00

Mens Tees are available in sizes S-XXL. There is a logo on the front and on the back (see pictures). Tees are $15.00

Womens Panties are available in sizes S-L. OCCIDIS logo is on the back.
Panties are $10.00

OCCIDIS stickers are available for $ .25

To order merchandise email with what you want in what size or text/call Candice at 801-649-9486 and a band member will get your merchandise to you. Merchandise will also be available at the OCCIDIS shows.

Cash only at this time.

Thank you.

Story behind PMS

To hear PMS and read the lyrics go to:

PMS is about a girl that gets uteral cancer and has her uterus removed. A side effect of having it removed is that she can't have her period anymore. She gets depressed about that and feels like she is no longer a woman so when it's that time of the month she kills girls and rips them apart and lets their blood run down her legs.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Show & Merchandise Details

So, I have been slacking for the last month due to being out of the country but I am back and have details about our show and our newly available merchandise.

Our show is scheduled for July 20th (that's only 11 days!!!). It's a Battle of the Bands at the Avalon Theater. See the poster below.

Merchandise is now available and can be seen on our MySpace page at:

To purchase email with what you want in what size or call/text Candice at 649-9486 or 548-0373.

I'm really excited for our show! Come support us and help us win it all!